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Green Township Administrative Offices
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150 Kennedy Road
Tranquility, NJ 07879
Phone: 908 852-9333
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Hours: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Land Use Board  
General Information  
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Green Township Land Use Board
Effective 2016, The Township Committee has combined the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment into one Land Use Board.


  • Adoption of a Master Plan every ten years;
  • Subdivision control and site plan review for permitted uses;
  • Recommendations as to the official map of the Township;
  • Conditional use applications;
  • Recommendations as to the zoning ordinance or amendments;
  • Review of Capital Improvement Projects;
  • Variances under certain circumstances in connection with site plans and subdivisions.
  • Hear and decide Appeals of decisions of the administrative officer enforcing the zoning ordinance;
  • Hear and decide for Interpretations of the zoning map or ordinance;
  • Hear and decide Bulk or "C" Variances; A "c" variance is if it is separate from a site plan, subdivision or conditional use (i.e.. residential permit that doesn't require a subdivision or site plan)
  • Hear and decide Use or "D" Variances: example of a "d" variance; Use of principle structure; Expansion of non-conforming use; deviation from a specification of standard of a conditional use; Increase in permitted floor area ration; Increase in permitted density; Height greater than 10 feet or 10% of the maximum height permitted.
  • May direct the Issuance of a Permit for a building or structure in the bed of a mapped street or public drainage way, flood control basin or public area.  A building structure not related to a street.

To download the Land Use Application please click here.

Meeting Schedule:

The Land Use Board holds Regular Meetings at 7:00pm on the second Thursday of every month, unless otherwise noticed.

The Subdivision & Site Plan Review Committee or Technical Review Committee (TRC) meetings: 3rd Thursday as needed.

Board Members:

Scott Holzhauer- Chairman
Jeff Wilson - Vice Chairman
Daniel Conkling - Mayor
Jim Chirip - Committee Person
Watson Perigo - Township Employee
Joseph Cercone
Sharon Mullen

Michael Muller
Richard Wilson

Jim DeYoung - Alt #1
John Lynch - Alt #2
Rosa Alves - Alt #3  

Vacant - Alt #4 

 Kim Mantz - Board Secretary

*If you would like to become a member of the board, please click here to fill out an application.

Useful Links:

Land Use Application and Checklist

Soil Erosion Application

Driveway Application

Submission deadlines for applications and revisions

Lock Box Ordinance

Escrow or Bond Funds Release Form

Master Plan Re-exam Report Sept. 2008

Master Plan Re-exam Report December 13, 2018

Land Use Plan  Dec. 2005

Open Space Plan  May 2009

Housing Element/Fair Share Plan  Dec. 2005

Housing Element/Fair Share Plan - October 2016



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