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Green Township Administrative Offices
PO Box 65
150 Kennedy Road
Tranquility, NJ 07879
Phone: 908 852-9333
Fax: 908 852-1972
Hours: 8:30am - 3:30pm
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Construction Department
Shared Services through Independence Township (beginning January 1, 2023)



Greg Chontow - Construction Official

Pat Murphy - Electrical Subcode Offical/Inspector

Pat Murphy - Fire Subcode/Inspector

Frank Zeller - Plumbing Subcode Official/Inspector

Frank Zeller - Mechanical Subcode Official/Inspector

Craig Bollmann - Building Subcode/Inspector


Office Hours:

Kim Mantz - Technical Assistant to the Construction Official
Monday through Friday - 8:30am - 3:30pm
Memorial Day to Labor Day - Monday through Friday (off every other Friday) 8:00am - 4:00pm


150 Kennedy Road, PO Box 65

Tranquility, NJ  07879


Phone - (908) 852-9333 ext. 12

Fax - (908) 852-1972


Inspection Schedule as follows:
Building: Monday and Wednesday - 4:30pm-6:30pm
Electric: Monday and Wednesday - 3:30pm-6:30pm
Plumbing: Tuesday and Thursday - 3pm-5pm
Fire: Monday and Wednesday - 3:30pm-6:30pm
Mechanical: Tuesday and Thursday 3pm-5pm



When applying for a permit please include the following:

Construction permit jacket with signature on inside of jacket. Please make sure you include all owner/applicant and contractor information including name, address and phone number

THREE (3) copies of EACH subcode with cost of work included

Copy of contractor licensing information

TWO (2) signed copies of drawings or TWO (2) signed and sealed sets of architect/engineer plans if applicable

TWO (2) copies installation guides and/or user manuals if applicable


Construction Fee Schedule


Procedure to Build

Step by step instructions for the property owners and contractors of our Township prior to building new single family dwelling and additions see below.   For all other renovations, alterations including any other work please call (908) 852-9333 ext. 12.

Once you have ownership of the lot you plan to build on, the following steps MUST be taken:

1.  Contact the Township Zoning Department at All applicants must obtain a Zoning Permit Application.  Submit the completed application with a copy of your approved septic system plot plan, and pay the required application fee.

2.  Contact Sussex County Health Department (973) 579-0370.  Apply for Septic and Well. You must have a valid Septic and Well Permit in order to apply for your building permit.

3.  Contact Green Township Soil Conservation (908) 852-9333 ext. 13

4.  If there are wetlands present on the lot, a Letter of Interpretation will be needed from the N.J.D.E.P. before a building permit is issued.

5.  Certification of Taxes paid must be obtained (908) 852-9333 ext. 14
After the above items are complied with, you are now ready to APPLY for Building Permits.

6.  Contact the Building Department (908) 852-9333 ext. 12 -  The following applications are to be filled out: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire with construction permit jacket.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Driveways - contact (908) 852-9333 ext. 13 SPECIAL NOTE:  if a driveway opens on a State or County road, you must obtain an entrance permit from the NJDOT and Sussex County Engineers Office, respectively, in addition to the Township Driveway Permit.

7.  Complete the building applications and submit to the Construction Department. The following copies must also be submitted in order for the application to be complete: approved zoning application; septic and well permits; soil erosion and sediment control plan/permit (if applicable); driveway permits (County and State if applicable also); Two (2) signed and sealed copies of architectural drawings for the project.   An owner may draw the plans for a single family dwelling if he/she is going to reside in the building.

For Modular Dwelling Application - all of the above information is required plus the following:

Submit written estimates showing the cost for:

  • Foundation and footings
  • Plumbing from the floor of the Modular to connection with the well and septic;
  • All electric outlets, lights, special devices and services;
  • All storage tanks;
  • All exterior decks and entry steps;
  • All carpentry including connection, roof raising, garage framing and finishing, siding & roofing;

Submit two copies of the stamped and approved modular building.  Only submit those drawings that pertain to the building you plan to construct.

Submit two copies of the signed and sealed architectural drawings for the foundationand any items that are not part of the modular unit.


8. If plans are drawn by the owner, they must contain the following:

  • All four elevations - front, rear, etc.
                 Foundation Plan showing the following:
  • Size of footings, type and thickness of walls and floor
  • Size and direction of floor joists;
  • Column location and girder size;
  • Size and location of windows andWindows must be at least equal 1/50 of floor plan;
  • First and second floor plans showing windows, doors and room areas;
  • Typical cross section;
  • Energy code checklist;
  • Percentage of glass to exterior wall surface;
  • Type of insulation in walls, ceilings, and floors;
  • Slab on grade insulation.

Architects must show all of the above, plus:

  • Total volume
  • Factor of walls and ceilings
  • Use group and type of construction
  • Occupancy load

Plumbing, heating and electrical schematics must also be provided.


9. REVIEW - when the preceding information has been assembled, and the necessary Technical Applications have also been completed, you must submit ALL information to the Building Department at one time.

Departmental Review may take up to twenty (20) business days after FULL submission of the completed application package.


10. Additional Permits are required for:

  • Temporary electrical service
  • Well pump and line installation

11. Required Inspections - All required inspections must be performed within four (4) business days of your call requesting theInspection requests MUST be made 24-hours prior to inspection date.  The property owner/contractor must provide the following information when requesting an inspection:

  • Permit Number
  • Block and Lot
  • Owners Name
  • Street Location
  • Types of inspection needed.

At the street entrance to the property, erect a sign showing the Block, Lot, Building number and Permit number and Name.  Be sure the sign can be read clearly for Inspectors to find the property.

Required Inspections are as follows:

  • Footing (prior to placing concrete)
  • Underground/Rough Plumbing
  • Slab (prior to placing concrete)
  • Foundation and footing drains, before backfilling

Submit location survey at this point:

  • Rough frame (before siding and roofing is applied)
  • Rough plumbing
  • Rough electric
  • Fire
  • Finish frame (after rough plumbing, electric and fire approvals)
  • Insulation


To obtain a C.O. you must:

  • Complete a C.O. application
  • Obtain final driveway approval
  • Submit the final survey
  • Submit Certificate of Compliance for wells and septic
  • Submit Homeowner's Warranty (if applicable)
  • Final inspections for: electric, plumbing, fire and building must be approved;
  • Pay all outstanding fees, violations, and taxes









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