October 21, 2019
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Green Township Administrative Offices
PO Box 65
150 Kennedy Road
Tranquility, NJ 07879
Phone: 908 852-9333
Fax: 908 852-1972
Hours: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Fire Official  
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Fire Prevention Official:
Richard O'Connor
Office Phone: 908 852-9333 ext 12
Fax: 908 852-1972
Inspection Days:  Monday & Wednesday  10am-12pm   
 The Township of Green Fire Prevention Department is a local level enforcement agency responsible for enforcement of the State of New Jersey Uniform Fire Safety Act.
The Fire Prevention Official’s duties include amongst other duties:
1.      Inspection of ALL businesses in the Township on an annual basis to verify compliance   
         with the State Code.
2.     Inspection of residential homes when there is a change in occupancy or tenancy. 
        Please note that an application MUST be submitted in advance of the change in
        occupancy or tenancy and a Certificate of Compliance MUST be obtained before the
        transaction can be completed. The fees for this application type follow:
Residential one and two family:
Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide and Fire Extinguisher inspections (CSDCMAC):

Inspections requested more than 10 business
days prior to the change of occupant or closing
(whichever comes first)                                                                                             $35.00

Inspections requested more than 4 business
days but less than 10 business days prior to change
of occupant or closing (whicever comes first)                                                           $70.00

Inspections requested fewer than 4 buisness days
prior to change of occupant or closing  (whichever
comes first)                                                                                                               $125.00

Failed Inspection - for reinspection                                                                            $35.00

Certificate of Fire Code Status                                                                                   $25.00

Application for Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide and Fire Extinguisher

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