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Board of Adjustment  
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The NJ Municipal Land Use Law, MLUL 40:55D, enables Green Township to regulate land use and future development through enactment of zoning ordinances, with assistance from a citizen-led, Planning Board and Board of Adjustment, a.k.a. zoning board. Membership on each Board differs somewhat due to their respective roles but a good rule to keep in mind is that planning boards deal with "permitted uses” of property, and, as its name implies and if warranted, the Board of Adjustment makes “adjustments”, on a case by case basis.  

Responsibilities: The Board of Adjustment (BA), a.k.a. zoning board, is a quasi-judicial Board with 5 basic powers:

  1. Hear and decide APPEALS of decisions of the administrative officer enforcing the

zoning ordinance;

  1. Hear and decide requests for INTERPRETATIONS of the zoning map or ordinance;

  2. Hear and decide BULK OR “C” VARIANCES.
    *the only time the BA reviews a “c” variance is if it is separate from a site plan, subdivision or conditional use (i.e., residential permit that doesn’t require a subdivision or site plan)

  3. Hear and decide USE OR “D” VARIANCES.

        Examples of “d” variances: Use of principle structure; Expansion of non-conforming use;
        Deviation from a specification of standard of a conditional use; Increase in permitted floor  
        area ratio;
Increase in permitted density; Height greater than 10 feet or  10% of the maximum height permitted; and,

  1. The BA may direct the ISSUANCE OF A PERMIT for:

A building or structure in the bed of a mapped street or public drainage way, flood
control basin or public area.
• A building or structure not related to a street.
Meeting Schedule:

The Board of Adjustment convenes Regular meetings at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday of every month, unless otherwise noticed.

Board Members:

  • Eugene Bambara, Chairman                  
  • Louis Tommaso, Vice Chairman
  • Mathew R. Fox
  • Sharon Mullen                  
  • Michael Roller                   
  • Carmine Torella 
  • Dennis Walker                
  • Jeffrey Wilson                          

* If you would like to volunteer or become a member of the board, please click here to fill out an application.

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